Monica Sarin Foundation

Monica Sarin Foundation has been instrumental in carrying out our organization's CSR initiatives to help create an impact in our society. We take pride in a wide range of comprehensive initiatives with several notable foundations that helped turn our mission into action. In association with LCPM Nirvana Naturopathy and retreat, which is a natural cure and wellness centre, we provided assistance to the people who required recovery and healing. We teamed up with Prayas social welfare society in order to help provide education and upliftment to economically and socially challenged people. In another endeavour with Iskcon, we successfully organized a food drive to help feed hungry and the underprivileged. Through our significant collaboration with Rainbow Foundation India, we took the initiative of providing education to the girls who are unable to pursue their studies due to their difficult circumstances. We also teamed up with Vishwa Hindu Parishad and came up with Indraprastha Yogkshem Sewa Nyas so as to fulfil our mission in bringing about a positive and lasting impact in our community.


Focusing on the education of underprivileged students who can't complete their education due to socio-economic reasons. Sizeable donations were made to the Children Education Society, Delhi Public School (RK Puram), Prayas Social Welfare Society, Sambhav Foundation, FDDI and Blossom Public School, aside from other notable societies. Children Education Society is a non-profit that is committed to educating underprivileged children who can't attain proper education due to socioeconomic reasons.


In collaboration with Divya Chaya Trust and Rainbow Foundation India, several vocational skill programs were provided to women so they could increase their employment opportunities. Divya Chaya Trust in Palam Vihar, Delhi is one of the topmost Charitable Trusts that aims to educate, support and rehabilitate underprivileged children.

Rural Development

Undertaking eye centres for charitable operations of underprivileged disabled people. It was a collaborative effort with Charities Aid Foundation and the National Thallesemia Welfare Society. Donations were made to Delhi Chinmaya Sewa Trust and Beti foundation in order to promote social and cultural activities. Beti Foundation is a non-profit, providing free education to children and ladies begging at traffic signals.