Built to Last

Build to Last

About Us

Built on 5 decades of tradition and dedicated to evolutionizing the luxury real estate industry, Anant Raj Limited offers revelatory eperiences through an exceptional network of skilled agents. One of the leading real estate developers in the country, based out of Delhi,The Anant Raj Group has focused it's philosophy on the Build & Sell Approach rather than the Sell & Build approach.


Our residential units are customised to meet the deep-seated desire for luxurious living—the architecture delights by virtue of elegant design, alluring aesthetics and fail-safe security. The opportunity, therefore, is in building niche luxury units that encompass all facilities and amenities expected by the crème de la crème.


ARL is transforming the very concept of commercial real estate in the Delhi NCR. Strategically designing smart and eco-friendly class ‘A’ commercial buildings with excellent infrastructure that includes commercial projects which are well located, have great aesthetics, good construction quality, great internal infrastructure, and are managed by professional management teams.

Recreating Delhi's Original Charm

Affordable Housing

Our affordable housing units are set against the backdrop of a vibrant living environment where fun, comfort, security and serenity blend in perfect unison. Designed keeping in mind, the modern days’ requirements and meeting them with apt amenities at affordable prices.

Data Centers

Developing state-of-the-art Data Centres as per top industry standards. With cost-effective storage, an added advantage of zero maintenance, high-end protection and risk management, these exquisite spaces with excellent infrastructure have been designed to bring data to action.


We are here to develop exquisite, well-designed spaces that revolutionize the face of modern real estate. We have worked on several renowned projects and understand that hospitality sector is not jut a booming investment opportunitiy for our clients but also an extraordinary attempt to make the experience memorable for them.