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Anant Raj Estate

New Delhi, as we know it, which celebrates its Centenary year, has been famous for its colonial charm, Neo-classical architecture, and unique and opulent lifestyle. The Age-old lore and comfort instills in one and all a yearning to attain the beautiful and luxurious lifestyle of yesteryear.

Inspired by this most beautiful capital city of ours, Anant Raj Estate is a true manifestation of its core theme: "Recreating Delhi's Original Charm".

A peerless masterpiece in Residential Development, Anant Raj Estate is a holistic experience, being master-planned to integrate various exclusive pockets of development, blending the eclectic characteristics of architectural magnificence with modern-day amenities.

A spectrum of plot sizes, the choice between owning a private bungalow, or an individual floor, or just a plot in this tapestry of a township. Anant Raj Estate is designed to suit everyone's lifestyle, need and budget.

Anant Raj Estate

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