The rate of tourist arrivals has been rising exponentially year on year, on the back of an explosive growth in business travel fuelled by the new Indian economy. Both, occupancy rates as well as the average room rate (Rs. 6,579) are witnessing an upward spiral.

With one of the biggest “hotel room banks“in the NCR, ARL is poised to transform the hospitality sector. Building on the concept of super luxury, the Group is set to introduce top-of-the-line, global hospitality experience in all its properties. Global benchmarks in design and construction across diverse properties including the luxury, business and leisure segments of the hospitality industry is set to open innumerable options for the tourists as well as the travelers. The joint-venture with Reliance ADAG (one of the largest Indian industrial conglomerates) for constructing 2 hotels is the first step in realizing the dream.

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