Corporate Social Responsibility

A progressive organisation is one that understands and implements its responsibilities both within and outside its environs. While employment and unbridled growth opportunities are at the core of any company's philosophy, there are numerous other societal and environmental factors that need consideration, respect and nurturing

We at ARL are deeply committed to discharging our corporate social responsibilities. We firmly believe that we are a part of the larger society and share not only its resources but all the attendant responsibilities that go with it as well. ARL has in place numerous programs for employee welfare, development and education. Being a world-class company, we also understand our serious responsibility to our environment by way of its preservation, protection and enhancement.

Employee Welfare

Our construction employees are our most critical resource. It is they who ultimately transform our vision for great edifices into a tangible reality of bricks, mortar, concrete and glass. ARL is wholly dependant on them for productivity, efficiency and quality of any of our projects'. Given their contribution to the growth of the company over the past three-and-a-half decades, ARL is firmly committed to their welfare. Apart from providing standardized and best-in-industry remunerations, we ensure the provision of decent living quarters, sanitation and washroom facilities. Amenities such canteens and crèche are also provided. In terms of career growth and development, ARL undertakes regular training and skills upgradation programs for its construction employees, thereby providing them with the opportunity to grow and thrive.


At ARL we ensure education for all our employees that require it. More importantly, this initiative includes in its ambit those employees not privileged to have had primary or secondary school education, and their children. ARL undertakes this activity on an ongoing and regular basis.


As construction and building activities have a direct interface with the environment, ARL takes immense care in ensuring its preservation, protection and enhancement. Each activity of the business is environmentally audited. We have also taken concrete steps to manage the environment and water harvesting is a part of all our major projects. Landscaping with trees and plants that enhance the environment is also undertaken. Alternative energies are being extensively employed wherever possible.

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