Management Team

At the core of every great organization is a team of visionaries, innovators and evangelists. These are the people that Think big and actually transform dreams into tangible realities. And no reality can be more tangible than the magnificence of opulent edifices, majestic structures and luxurious complexes. These are the landmarks that withstand the test of time, the points of reference for generations to come.

We at ARL are fortunate to have a core team of promoters and Directors who have all that it takes to turn those very dreams into reality - a brilliant and distinguished ensemble of entrepreneurs and professionals who have dedicated their Lifetimes to not just mere real estate development and construction, but also in changing the very quality of life and lifestyles of the vast milieu. It takes vision, passion, drive and determination to achieve such goals and we are privileged to have such an eminent group at the forefront.

The following is a brief introduction to the people that matter:

Aman Sarin

Executive Director - Operation’s
More than 15 years
Sales & Marketing, Operations, Land acquisition.

Ashim Sarin

Executive Director - Construction
More than 10 years
Managing Construction of Groups Projects including IT Parks/SEZ, Commercial, Retail and Hospitality.

Amar Sarin

Executive Director – Business Development
More than 8 years
Business Development, Land acquisition and Marketing of Groups Projects.

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